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We approach translation eXpertly and professionally.

This is required by a good translation. Deep knowledge of the languages from and to which is translated as well as the subject area/specialization and knowledge of culture is essential.

It takes many years of training and experience to become an eXpert Translator.

To be eXpert means not only having an excellent command of both the source and the target language but also very important is best knowledge of the subject area of the translation with not only theoretical but also practical skills.

At this point is to be mentioned, that this is not a status, this is a permanent development and continual process of getting new information on the subject field and languages as well as new technologies as they continually develops in time.

eXpert Translator fulfils following criteria:

- deep knowledge of the languages, cultures and subject area,

- professional experience.

We are still looking for freelance eXperts. A challenge for you!

If you have excellent knowledge of minimal two languages, your native and minimal one foreign, specialized in an area and several years experience in working with translations - you are wanted!

Are you interested to cooperate with us? Then download following Word file

Please fill out and send it to us by e-mail as attachment (xpert at xpert.sk) . We will add you to our freelance eXperts Database. Please don't send us solely your CV. Our freelancer form contains relevant data that we need to know about you, but your CV can provide us with some additional information.

Thank you


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