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Founded in 1998, originally with the intention to attend to translations in economics and related areas. Since then we spread our activities also to technical, medical and other areas. Also thanks to new technologies we grew rapidly and can supply you with our services wherever you are.

Today we have appropriate data bank of professional native translators in all main areas of specialisation and many languages. We accentuate high on our translators and care for your project since the first contact and consulting until service after the end of the translation.

From our headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia, which is since 2004 a member of the European Union and since 2009 16th member of the Eurozone, we coordinate our activities and supply you wherever you are with our valuable services to favourable prices. From large companies, which are looking to a stabile and reliable partner down to individual persons.

With our database of professional and experienced translators - eXperts, we can handle your project to your full satisfaction.

We are proud of our continued commitment to personal service and the highest standards of quality.  We invite you to try us for your next translation project.

Peter Kocvara - manager of eXpert Translations


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