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Each translation project is unique and therefore requires unique approach and process.

We care for each project from start to finish:

- When we receive request to the translation project, we gather from the client as much information as needed to insure accurate and quality translation,

- When you send us the project, we carefully analyse the subject area/ specialization, source and target language and quantity, as well as input and required output format,

- During the translation we often need clarification or detailed explanations on certain terms or specific components of the documents we are translating to insure accurate translation. 

- After completion of the translation comes proofreading to insure the fidelity,

- Then you receive finished translation

But even after the delivery of the finished translation we remain available to answer any questions of our clients.

Every client and project has it's own specific terminology glossary to assure accuracy through the text, which will be used also for later projects of the client.


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