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Our references:

We provided our customers with numerous translations mainly in these fields:

- Technical translations (machinery, automotive, construction, household appliances - electronics, IT - hardware, software)
- Chemistry, medical, pharmacy
- Business and commerce, finance, management, banking, insurance, marketing, human resources
- Private (curriculum vitae, correspondence)

Be one of our satisfied customers. Some of them are listed here:

Heinrichs-Anlagenbau - mechanical engineering, plant construction, automation, operational safety, personal protection, robots-production for automotive industry
Messer Tatragas - technical and medical gases
ARCADIS Bauconsult - leading international supplier of consulting and management services for building construction
AAA France, AAA Asia* - technical translations, operation manuals (consumer-electronics, computer peripherals, household appliances) (* name not published because of a non-disclosure agreement)
Elite Translators - technical translations, operation manuals for computer peripherals
Wirtschaftskammer Burgenland (The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Burgenland) - Marketing, Market Analysis
via-media solutions - Marketing (Market Analysis and Market Research, Branch Analysis, Target Group Analysis, Competition Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Corporate Identity, Business Philosophy, Business Principles, Corporate strategies, Product, Price, Pricing Strategy, Distribution, Advertising)
PQ Europe - inorganic industrial products - chemistry
PAGRA GmbH - pharmaceuticals and medicinal products
Lohmann & Rauscher - bandaging material and medical products
Beuchat - scuba and spear fishing equipment
GebhardtVentilatoren - Centrifugal Fans in Air Handling Units and for the specific requirements of water vehicles, Roof Fans, Process Air Fans for machinery and plants, Smoke Extract Fans for Fire protection and Smoke extraction, Axial Flow Fans, Bel Air Domestic Ventilation - Controlled domestic ventilation systems for kitchens and bathrooms, Filter Fan Units
Flexsys Holding B.V. - Chemical Industry - Rubber Chemicals - Patent
Büchler GesmbH - User manuals for water chiller
Kurt Brätsch Kompressoren GmbH - Air-pressure Products - reciprocating compressors for tanklorry- and truck discharging - Presentation of the product portfolio
Pirelli Slovakia - contracts, sales contract, purchase contract, conditions of sale, terms of sale
Bayer Healthcare - pharmaceutics: website localization, studies, contracts
Betapharm - pharmaceutics: studies
proVALUE - brokerage contract
SAMSUNG Electronics Slovakia
University of Economics, Bratislava
Slovak University of Technology Bratislava, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
VVA Health Marketing

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